Best Gift Ideas for GF

Best Gift Ideas for GF

Picking out the right gift for your girlfriend can be burdensome after all, you have to express your array of love for her with just a simple present. To make your shopping for gifts easier, we’ve put together a huge list of things your partner will be happy to unwrap.

Special Day’s Gift

Everyone loves to spend special occasions with their significant others and there is no better way to increase the glamour of the day by gifting your girlfriend an amazing gift. We have got you covered for every occasion there is and will guide you in buying the perfect gift. Here are some special events you might be looking for Birthday Gifts, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Gifts, Halloween gifts, Holi gifts, Surprise gifts.

Other Gifts Available

Gifting your GF is not bound to only the special moments, it is an evergreen deed we can do our whole life irrespective of our age and situation. Thus we have also prepared a simple-to-follow guide for you to buy gifts that look simply Cute, Romantic, and cool to anyone’s preference. For any ideas about gifts for your girlfriend, we are here for you. Stay tuned.

Cosmetic Gifts




Hand Bag


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Offshore accident lawyer

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If you fill in the data about yourself and describe your problem, a lawyer of our company will contact you within 24 working hours. We specialize in the following areas road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, accidents in public places. Medical malpractice with the help of our knowledge and experience you gain a voice in the process of obtaining your compensation. at all stages of the claim proceeding, we guarantee an individual approach and accessible language and communication, and practical and objective advice. We have taken steps to ensure that we can discuss the claim by telephone, email, or post to reduce the inconvenience of the normal course of the claim. Legal Services in Russian Traci solicitors is an Irish health Compensation law firm with a well-deserved reputation throughout the country in the handling of personal injury claims and litigation.

Legal assistance is available to everyone we help injured persons in the process of compensating for losses and losses incurred as a result of injury or occupational disease at the workplace, road traffic accidents, and accidents in public and private places. We work hard to answer our customer’s questions within hours or even minutes. If you fill in the data about yourself and describe your problem, a lawyer of our company will contact you within 24 working hours.

We specialize in the following areas road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, accidents in public places medical malpractice with the help of our knowledge and experience you gain a voice in the process of obtaining your compensation. at all stages of the claim proceeding, we guarantee an individual approach and accessible language and communication, and practical and objective advice. We have taken steps to ensure that we can discuss the claim by telephone.

What to do after car accident

Car Accident Lawyer

Today we are going to discuss what to do after a car accident. The first thing you want to do is check for any injuries. If anyone is injured, immediately call 911, and ask for an ambulance, tell the operator that you need urgent medical assistance. Also, as best you can give the operator detailed information as to your location. Tell him or her the nearest cross streets, and if you’re on a highway or country road describe any landmarks or signs, call the police. In addition to ambulance personnel. It is important that the police are contacted as well, regardless of any injuries.

Do not leave the scene of the car accident before the police arrive. You’ll also want to get the names and badge numbers of any police officer who responded to the scene, always complete a report with the police on the scene. Eventually, you will be able to obtain a copy of the report or at least get the report number. If anyone involved seems to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Tell that to the police when you call for help. Also, if you happen to notice that the driver of the other vehicle was using the cell phone when the crash happened. You want to tell that to the responding officers as well.

You want to obtain as much information as possible. Your insurance company will need the full names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and any witnesses, Get information about all vehicles involved, such as license plate numbers, the make, and model of vehicles, you want to get the names and phone numbers of as many witnesses as possible. Also, be sure to find out the insurance status of all vehicles and persons involved. If any drivers were not the registered owners, you’ll want to get the registered owner’s name, address, and phone number. You’ll also want to take pictures.

Almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera today. Take as many photos as possible of the car accident site. The vehicles and people involved, and anything else that might have a bearing on how why the incident occurred picture taken as soon as possible after a car accident, will be the most valuable, take pictures of the damage to all vehicles, the license plates, the other vehicles insurance information, and any registration, and any other evidence, such as street signs, lights, skid marks in the road, and the positions of the vehicles involved. You want to also contact the lawyer before you contact your insurance company, contact a personal injury attorney. However, do not delay in contacting your insurance carrier to report the incident. Once you have consulted with an attorney.

Most insurance companies have notice requirements, so you must notify them of the accident in a timely manner. Do not speak to a representative from your insurance company until after you’ve talked to an attorney, never talk to a representative on the other vehicle’s insurance company. Do not give any statement to your insurance company, as to what happened and how the incident took place without first speaking to an attorney. Obviously, if you’ve been seriously injured, you probably will be taken directly to a hospital emergency room. However, if your injuries are not readily apparent. Do not assume that you don’t have an injury. Many injuries from car crashes, like whiplash, or a possible head injury, or an internal injury, do not present themselves right away. Failure to get medical care might have serious consequences.

If you have latent injuries that only show up 24 to 36 hours later. Do not neglect symptoms that are unfamiliar or pain that appears, hours later. Now try to remember these important tips, most importantly, drive safely.

Car Accident Attorney Fees

Contingency fee’s explained by Car Accident Attorney John Kelly

We’re with John Kelly.
John Kelly has agreed to answer a question that was posted online.
He’s a car accident attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. John, the question for you was, “Can you explain car accident fees as well as contingency fees?

Car Accident Attorney John Kelly

Yeah sure, car accident fees, most personal injury attorneys, so if you’re injured in a car accident and you have a personal injury claim, there are several different types of fee arrangements that attorneys can use.
There can be a flat fee where you have to pay an attorney upfront a flat amount for what they’re gonna work the rest of your case. You can do it on an hourly basis or you can do a contingency fee agreement which most personal injury attorneys use.
So contingency fee agreements, what that means is that you don’t actually have to pay the attorney anything until they are successful with your case and that’s the way that my practice is run with a car accident.

So what happens is, someone comes in in a car accident?
we sign a fee agreement that tells them that after the case is settled, that I’m going to take a percentage of the fee or the settlement that comes in and that’s the global settlement. So there’s probably a lot of questions with that which I can try to address a few of those. That means basically that I’m working on your case until we are successful on the case without any money paid to me.
Now when that gets settled, I would take a percentage of that. So one of the things that you have to consider though, with a lot of personal injury attorneys that are not always discussed right off the bat are,

How are the costs associated with the case going to be handled?

So expert witnesses, people that are coming in to do evaluations, engineers, anyone that needs to testify at trial. These are all people that need to be paid upfront so you want to make sure that you ask your attorney.

I understand that I’m going to be paying a percentage of the settlement, the global settlement of the case, but how are we going to take care of the costs?” Some firms and attorneys will say, “Look, I’ll front all the costs but I want those all recouped at the end.”
Others will say, “Look, I’m willing to front the costs and not get that recouped.” So it’s something that you can ask your attorney about and negotiate. Now the percentage is another thing that you want to know about and most attorneys in Arizona are about a third of the settlement; some are a little higher, some are lower.

So you want to talk about that too. And then finally, you want to understand how that fee is going to work in the end.
So what happens is once your attorney; let’s say that you didn’t go to trial you actually settled the claim. That’s when you actually get paid on your case you don’t get the money until you actually are successful in settling your case or winning at trial. So when your attorney settles it, they typically have to put it in their bank account, their client trust fund for a few days. All the money will go to the firm, they’ll pay all your medical care providers, they’ll negotiate any liens that you have meaning anything that the medical care providers are wanting as far as payment, and sometimes they can get reductions on the amounts that they want. And then they’ll pay you the rest and so some of the times there’s a question of, “Well is it worth it to me to pay an attorney, you know a percentage of the fee?” So some of the things you have to keep in mind are that the attorneys know how the insurance companies work. We know how to make sure that you’re getting the maximum benefit of your fee, your settlement. We know how to make sure that we’re looking at all avenues of settlements.

So if there are other insurance policies that are available we’ll look at those and try to get that money too. We know how to read your own insurance policy and a lot of times you have extra benefits that you’re unaware of there. And then we’re aware of getting reductions in a lot of your medical expenses that allow you to have more money in your pocket in the end. So those are some of the things to consider and I hope this is helpful.

10 Tip on How to double your personal injury settlement

Personal injury text from wooden blocks on desk

Tips Phoenix personal injury lawyer

Hi, I’m John Kelly of the Kelly Law Team.
I’m a personal injury attorney here in Phoenix, Arizona. I want to give you 10 tips to potentially double your personal injury settlement.

The first one

Is that you want to try to establish liability. What that means is that the insurance companies are going to wonder who caused the accident. And you want to get that taken care of as soon as possible. So, you gotta keep your evidence of photographs at the scene, talk to witnesses. If you’re able to, get the police report. Usually, you’ll get an accident exchange sheet that will give you the report number. Track down all that information so you can try to establish the liability of who caused the accident right off the bat.

The Second Tip

Do not give statements to any insurance companies. What this means is that you’ll have both insurance companies, your own and the others. The ones who hit you. There’ll be calling you and requesting a statement from you. I would advise you to hold off on giving any statements of not only your car accident or motorcycle accident, how it happened, but also your injuries. You may want to do this later But you’ll have to consult with a personal injury attorney. just for a moment to talk to them about how that would go down. You don’t want to get tricked. Cause these insurance companies do everything they can to try to prevent paying you out in their claims. And so they’re looking for ways to minimize the amount that they’re going to pay up.

The Third Tip

Get diagnosed with any injuries that you have. So what this means is that if you have an injury, just don’t sit on it and assume that the insurance companies gonna give you credit for that injury based on what you tell them. You need to have a professional doctor diagnose that. So you might have to make an appointment with your primary care doctor.
If you’ve already been to the hospital have referrals that you need to follow up with and get those scheduled. That’s very important.

The Fourth Tip

Follow your doctor’s orders for your treatment. So this seems like this would be self-explanatory but it becomes difficult with people that are in injuries and car accidents. That’s because they have a lot going on. What you want to do is make sure you follow up with all of your doctor’s orders.
You do the treatment that they’ve recommended. You make sure that you go to all your appointments and try not to miss them. If you need to get transportation in line. you got to try your best to get that worked out. Or, work with someone who will help you get that done. Because it’s important to make all those doctors appointments.
Remember, you’re going to be ordering your records and you want to have a full set that shows all your progress.

The Fifth Tip

Get all your full bills and records. Now remember, most of these first ones that I’m going over, you don’t need an attorney for these. There are cases where you may need an attorney to get involved. But these initial steps are all steps you could do to help you make sure that you’re on the right track, right off the bat. So, the fifth step. Get full bills and records.
So after you’re done treatment or after you get out of the hospital. You wanna go to the provider and request from them your full bills and records. Get those in and it can take some time. Get them organized and make sure you have those all in your file and ready to go. If you do already have a lawyer, there’ll likely be doing that for you. But if you’re trying to handle it on your own you wanna make sure that you are getting the full bills and the full records. And not just the records or discharge paperwork.

The Sixth Tip

Hire an expert to follow up with any deficiencies and outstanding issues in your case. If there’s a problem with liability you may need to get someone to review your police reports, go to the scene, do an accident reconstruction. If there are issues that you’ve had, preexisting injuries, or preexisting conditions, the insurance company is telling you. They believe the new accident didn’t cause them. You may need to have an expert get involved to actually give an opinion about whether those injuries were the result of the most recent accident or there’s some kind of preexisting condition.

The Seventh Tip

The seventh tip that I have. Once you have all this together, you make a demand on the insurance company. And typically you would just want to request a policy limit or an inflated amount that you believe covers all your medical records, pain and suffering, and a few future costs that you have. It’s sometimes easier to just ask for the full policy limits. Or a much-inflated number. You can put in there also some notes about what you’ve all been through and everything. And submit that to the insurance company.

The Eighth Tip

You want to follow that up with some kind of threat of a lawsuit. Understand that these insurance companies, if they see that you’re representing yourself, think that you may not have the bite that comes with them denying you your claims. So, you wanna threaten a lawsuit, and if you want to you can get an attorney involved at that point to write a letter for you to have that backing.

The Ninth Tip

Consult with an attorney regarding any timelines that you have. This may need to happen a little bit earlier because you want to know your statute of limitations. Every state is different. Some statute of limitations run after one year. Some two years, some shorter periods. So you wanna know exactly what you’re up against right off the bat. Remember you can just call a lawyer, ask them about how your case would play out in the future. Ask them about deadlines and any legal requirements that your case may have so that you know exactly where you are.

The Tenth Tip

Potentially doubling your claim is to work on your liens and your policy information with the insurance companies. There may be multiple policies, insurance policies that you can pursue. Or the individual individually. And you also have to worry about how the liens from the health care providers that you have. That’s something that usually if you have a lot of those, you want to consult with a lawyer. Because those can add up and you can save up a lot of money to get reductions in your bills from the liens. A lot of the medical care providers will come back and say because you got an injury settlement where you want to be reimbursed. Some of them legally you’re obligated to negotiate with them. Others, not. And so, that’s a very important aspect of the case that needs to be taken care of. So, I hope these tips helped you out. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments. Otherwise, if you have an urgent matter.

You can give me a call.

At Kelly Law Team.

Top 10 Insurance Companies In USA



What is insurance?

Insurance is a form of wealth protection against unexpected costs. It covers expenses such as health insurance, vehicle insurance, and life insurance. People who don’t have insurance will have to cover the unexpected costs with their own resources. the majority of people don’t have insurance because of its cost. Insurance fees can be expensive, but it pays for itself because it protects you in case of an accident or injury.

How to use benefits of insurance

Perhaps there is one lesson for insurers and underwriters from all these examples: By considering the totality of risk across a full spectrum of economic circumstances, a better understanding of the current business situation is gained, and the industry in fact becomes more resilient to such potentially damaging events. Such an approach is fundamental to future-proofing.

When it comes to writing insurance policies, consumers find that insurers do not always understand their individual risk profile and risks – or even their own unique needs. Without an individualized insurance product that has been customized to the individual and their lifestyle, their insurance experience and the premiums they pay are often poor and are unlikely to reflect their true risk.

How to Select and Insure for Tomorrow’s Risk

Having an insurance product customized to suit an individual’s needs does not mean “specifying a household,” or even a particular level of protection (more on the level of protection concept in a bit). However, it does mean that each individual is covered for a specific level of protection, and the level of protection and coverage is tailored to the client’s particular needs. Insurance is all about getting the right protection at the right price for each individual.

Top 10 Insurance Companies In USA

As long as each individual policy is correctly underwritten, in accordance with industry rules, codes and standards, their insurance is appropriate to their needs and age, and they can shop around and compare policies to see which provides the right protection and the best value for money.

However, the individual needs for which an individual policy is offered are not always the same. They can range from their age, health, current lifestyle, the household income and a plethora of other factors. This is the crux of the matter: no two clients are the same. How can an insurance company provide effective protection and coverage for a client, when there are so many different needs and demands of each and every client.

Types of insurance

Keep a list of the different types of insurance that you have through work or on your own as a self-employed individual. It is very important to know what insurance you have, in order to make a wise financial decision with regard to an insurance claim. Top 10 Insurance Companies In USA

When involved in an insurance claim, be sure to get as many quotes as possible on your own. This will ensure that you can stand your ground versus an insurance adjuster as well as ensure you are getting a fair quote. If there is a debate, be sure to calmly confront your adjuster and assume that they are not trying to cheat you.

There are 5 types of insurance,

  1. Life Insurance.
  2. Motor insurance.
  3. Health insurance.
  4. Travel insurance.
  5. Property insurance.

Largest Insurance Companies In US

Market capitalization, or market cap, is the total value of a company’s stock, and it is calculated by multiplying the number of outstanding shares by the current share price. It is a quick way of determining the value of a company in the eyes of investors.  They likely experience steady growth and offer the least amount of risk. Mid-cap companies are also established but have high growth potential. Lastly, small-cap companies are often new companies with high growth potential.

Non-health Insurance Companies

Company Name Market Capitalization
Berkshire Hathaway (U.S.) $636 billion
Ping An Insurance (China) $166 billion
AIA Group (Hong Kong) $154 billion
China Life Insurance (China) $114 billion
Allianz (Germany) $104 billion
Cigna (US) $81 billion
AXA (France) $62 billion
Humana (U.S.) $59 billion
Zurich Insurance (Switzerland) $59 billion
Munich (Germany) $39 billion
Top 10 Insurance Companies In USA

Market cap data as of July 14, 2021.

Now, for health and managed health care companies.

Health Insurance and Managed Health Care Companies

Company Name                                   Market Capitalization
United Healthcare (UNH) $393 billion
CVS (CVS) $106 billion
Anthem (ANTM) $96 billion
Cigna (CI) $80 billion
Humana (HUM) $59 billion
Centene Corporation (CNC) $43 billion
Molina Healthcare (MOH) $15 billion
Bright Health Group (BHG) $9.7 billion
MultiPlan Corporation (MPLN) $4.7 billion
Alignment Healthcare (ALHC) $4.2 billion
Top 10 Insurance Companies In USA

Market cap data as of July 14, 2021.

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Access and manage Life Insurance policies
Service At Your Convenience: Avail banking services from the comfort of your home. You can locate an ATM, stop or check the status of your cheque, order a checkbook, track your service requests, and more.

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